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Maria Caban.jpeg
Picture of Maria Caban in her family's apartment in Melrose Housing Projects

Sam Marquez at '1984 NYC Marathon

Newspaper clipping of the Happy Land fire

mambo copy.jpg
"The Musical Landscape of the South Bronx and the Early Years in East Harlem" outlines historically and culturally significant sites in the area.

Layway or layaway is a type of business practice in which customers paid for a store item in installments.

Colorized silhouette art curated by Bob Gumbs for the ‘Black is Beautiful: A Tribute to Elombe Brath’ exhibit at the Bronx Music Heritage Center. Referenced in interview.

mambo copy 3.jpg
"Flyer for Hunts Point Palace with Bronx Natives Orlando Marín, Eddie Palmieri, and someone who lived in the Bronx later in his life, Tito Puente. Courtesy of Orlando Marín."

_The Soundtrack of My Life_.m4a
Audio clip of Bobby Sanabria playing percussion.

Graffiti art on a truck on Freeman Street that reads: "Yo soy Boricua pa' que lo sepa!" Figure wearing a hat showing the flag of Puerto Rico is also depicted.

Featuring Bobby Sanabria & QUINTETO ABURE, Mike Eckroth - keyboard, Ian Stewart - bass, Oreste Abrantes - congas, Bobby Sanabria - drums, Peter Brainin - tenor sax, flute. Photo by Jared Guenwald.
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