Collaborate or Collapse

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Collaborate or Collapse


The Importance of Collaboration in Music


An examination of the creative and collaborative culture of the Bronx, and how it allowed for the formation of todays more popular genres of music - specifically Hip Hop.


Carmelo Castro Netsky


Tariq Snare

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Tariq's Collaborators
A photo collage of some of the performers Tariq Snare has worked with throughout his career.

Tariq Snare
Tariq Snare on stage.

A group photo of the Morrisania Band Project

An Oral History with Tariq Snare
This is the audio from a video file. The excerpts of music that are audible are from a live session from The Morrisania Band Project. There are also two interview interruptions from band members Mike Abner and Elissa Carmona.

Group Photo
From Right to Left (Bobby Brown, Aaron Hall, Tariq Snare, Michael Bivins)

Group Photo at workshop
Group Photo at Workshop

Embassy Letter
A letter from Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer to Embassy of Iraq on Tariq's behalf.
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